In the newspaper, I'm more interested in the news than the exchange rates, because they are yesterday's news, whereas the news are actually tomorrow's rates."

André Kostolany

André Kostolany was a Hungarian-born stock market guru. His words may be worth considering. A new and young market, such as the crypto market, has many opportunities and risks.

Not so long ago in 2009, something interesting started. A digital currency called Bitcoin emerged, but at the time only a few programmers understood its value, as it was the solution that led us to blockchain technology. The idea that two people can trust that a financial transaction is going to take place without the need for a bank or any centralized channel is incredibly innovative. The real mathematical conundrum was the problem of double spending. This was the approach to salaries first used by Satoshi Nakamoto. To put it simply, in a public ledger, where all accounts and transfers are public, the moment the money is spent, the ledger is immediately booked, i.e. the Bitcoin is withdrawn from one person's account and transferred to the other’s. Genius.

Looking ahead, let's think a little bit about in how many places blockchain technology is a solution. Perhaps all the major public records that are based on the principles of immutability, security and public authenticity. Or perhaps in the area of shares, voting, and not least in virtually all areas of copyright, a huge opportunity presents itself with this solution.

Sticking to Kostolany's words, it's the news that matters. What is the news about? Here, I need to make a clear distinction between blockchain as a solution and coins as the next generation of currencies using the solution.

BlockBen started developing its own blockchain system in 2018. Our philosophy was to try to meet not only the users' needs, but also the legislation. We have created a new generation blockchain system within a company whose operation is regulated in the European Union; there are not many of them in the world. Last but not least, we have begun to understand how money works, and it has to be said that, in the future, money in physical form is doomed to die in the medium term. It's no coincidence that the news is that national banks are working on digital central bank money. We've also been working on a tool that is not only digital but also has a gold deposit, called BlockNote. But for us, this was just the beginning, as the market demands products that are based on new technology and are simple, quick and safe to give and take.

So we created the BIT (BlockBen Index Token) product family.

If you're new to the world of cryptos, you've come to the right place. Our BIT products are also designed for those who are not yet confident in the world of crypto exchanges.

The first product to be created in this indexed format, which means that the product tracks the combined market movements of several exchange-traded products, is called the BIT TOP20+. This token includes the 20 most market capitalized crypto currencies that are neither stablecoin nor memecoin. Stability was important to us, so the product includes 10% digital gold and emerging coins, which often move against the market but offer great opportunities.

This product is designed for people who are planning at least 3 to 7 years ahead, specifically for the long term. This product also has more conservative characteristics, so an important feature of the product is that although it reacts more slowly to market movements, it also does so more slowly and with less of a fall in the event that the market starts to fall. So it's not an instant trading product, but our company uses the so-called Fire Blocks service, which allows us to have 13 out of 20 crypto currencies insured. This is much more than a private individual can achieve in this market.

Our next product is the BIT 5. It is a product reacting much faster to volatility, tracking the market instantly and to a similar degree. That is, if the market suddenly increases, it can make a big and quick profit, but if the market falls, the price of the product will also fall. The token is backed by the 4 largest crypto currencies and BlockBen’s own tool to validate the platform, eBSO. It may be of interest to those who want to monitor their portfolio more actively and are able to buy and sell relatively quickly. This product also comes with insurance, which covers all its elements, so it has a high level of security.

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Our BIT Atlas product is intended to be the current flagship product of the BIT range. This technology seeks to maximize profit by selecting multiple, uncorrelated algorithms.

BIT Atlas is powered exclusively by tested crypto trading strategies, driven by advanced algorithms. BIT Atlas employs several independent trading strategies simultaneously, which aim to deliver a balanced result for the token holder, tracking changes in market conditions.

This product is designed to deliver returns in a sideways or downward market. We recommend this product for as little as 1-3 years, i.e. for the short term.

All our products are the same: you can buy, sell or transfer them to someone else simply by pressing a button, within certain limits.

The crypto world, which is claiming its place among current capital-raising investments, is becoming more and more widely known. Market growth is explosive, if you can, don't miss out!

Compare the growth potential of equities, government bonds, real estate investment and funds placed into crypto. The opportunity is yours, the job is ours..