Throughout the pandemic, gold has become a go-to choice by many regular and seasonal investors. Statistically, investing in precious metals is a safe way to secure hard-earned money during any crisis. Like in most parts of the world, giving gold jewelry to someone is the perfect holiday present. Also, in some cultures, there are festivities where buying and investing in gold is the central part of the tradition.

Even though gold remains the traditional storage of value for many investors, there are signs of a challenger that might stir the water in the coming years - and this is cryptocurrency.
This year, cryptocurrencies managed to reach a market cap of $2.6 trillion. There was even a moment where Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency, was worth more than Facebook itself. So it's a clear sign that crypto is here to stay, and many retail and hard profile institutional investors believe in it. For example Tesla, Morgan Stanley, and even countries like El Salvador have adopted Bitcoin.

These are clear signs that crypto is a safer, more flexible digital alternative that can store value and create gains over time like gold. So, how can we combine the growth potential of cryptocurrencies and the relative stability of gold in one asset? Well, this is where BlockBen's four years of cryptocurrency development expertise come into the picture.

Value tokens - growth with stability

Our way of thinking was simple: We love gold and are experts in cryptocurrencies, so we thought: Why not mix the two? So, we created a new type of cryptocurrency token or as we call it “the first value token” called eBSO, which does not just combine but also surpasses tokens as far as stability, and growth potential.

eBSO is an ERC-20 based token backed by almost 3 million dollars in gold. This value token has unique tokenomics based on the synergy of two factors: the growing basic value and market added value. The growing basic value is a unique concept. Like any other gold-based stable coin, the asset's worth is linked to gold, but it is not fixed because it continuously grows.

How is this possible?

eBSO has a community gold pool in which the company accumulates a percentage of each transaction in the BlockBen ecosystem. For example this ecosystem includes several assets, such as a crypto index token called BNOx, which is a gold-based stable coin. The pool has another important feature: the accumulated fees are credited in gold.

And as we stated above, gold makes the token more resistant to fluctuation. In order to give more peace of mind to our investors we also offer a one-of-a-kind buy-back option that enables people to sell their eBSO’s at the basic value at any time, regardless of market circumstances. The gold reserves that are part of eBSO's community pool are regularly audited, insured, and guarded in a secure safe in Zurich, Switzerland.

The other big factor that determines eBSO's price is the market added value: the ecosystem is set to grow continuously through the adoption of each token and the addition of new products so that people can price that relevancy on the exchange markets. Our user base with more than 10,000 members is already growing rapidly, and our team is continuously looking for new ways to create products for cryptocurrency investors.

Speaking of exchanges: the token is currently tradable on the LBank Cryptocurrency Exchange since its successful launch on September 22nd, 2021. Based on the initial feedback and potential of the project, eBSO is set to launch on other exchanges soon.

So, when it comes to your investment strategy this year, why not try something new based on future fintech solutions and traditional financial stability?